Our Story

Wholehearted Decor is a small business specializing in affordable, personalized, handmade home decor, ran by two moms with a passion for hard work and commitment to family. Their goal is to create affordable, personalized, handmade home decor, that can make any house feel like a home.
The idea behind the business began when both college educated moms decided to put all careers on hold to raise their beautiful, ever growing families. While staying home raising children is a blessing, these women had hobbies and passion for creativity. Shari, has been repurposing furniture for 2 years, while Nayeli has a background in hand lettering and calligraphy. Not only did their children keep them busy but they gave these women inspiration to put two ideas together and the courage to share these ideas with other families just like theirs. 
Two hobbies, two talents, two mamas and one passion was exactly the recipe needed to create Wholehearted Decor.